Pinchmill Leathers Northamptonshire
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Pinchmill Leathers Limited can provide all of your leather needs for your reenactment group. 
Latest News...Our new delivery of reindeer hides suitable for bedding has arrived and is available. We are able to offer these at a much reduced price compared to the grade 1 rug hides. 
We stock a very wide range of leathers for quick despatch or you call call in at our warehouse to collect if you prefer. 
In stock now we have... 
Vegetable tanned Goatskin 
Vegetable tanned Shoulders 
Vegetable tanned Softy Natural Cow 
Vegetable tanned Double Butts 
All of the above are suitable for staining. 
Also available are... 
Cow Hide 
Reindeer Hides 
and much more besides including a good selection of black and brown waxy hides. 
Whether you are looking for leather for clothing, bags, tents, belts, straps or scabbards or indeed any other requirement Pinchmill Leathers will be able to provide the solution. We stock 0.8mm to 5.5mm thicknesses and can obtain higher weight if you require it. 
Pinchmill Leathers will be exhibiting at... 
...The Living History Market at Wood Green Animal Shelter, Godmanchester on the 8th/9th February... 
...The Natinal Hostory Living Fair at Onley, Rugby, Warwickshire on the 15th/16th March 
...The International Living History Fair at Bruntingthorpe, Leicestershire on the 11th-13th April 
We look forward to seeing you at one of these events. 
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